It means a great deal to me, and is a deep joy, to be able to provide financial support for the 'Welded sculpture workshop', one of the key projects of the 9 HILLS FESTIVAL in Kulm, the town where I was born. May the sculptures created here reflect the spirit of the age in which we live, and may they be seen as a symbol of the strong bond I feel with Kulm
Prof. Dr. Michael Otto, entrepreneur and Chairman of the Otto Group Supervisory Board

Perspektywy —9 Hills Festival is an interdisciplinary festival of art and entertainment activities organized in Chełmno since 2016. The city is located on nine hills (hence the name of the event) that are associated with the protection of nine Muses of Apollo. As a result, the Festival combines various art forms - the Art of the Past, the Art of Love, the Art of Space, the Art of Movement, the Art of Life, the Art of Seeing, the Art of Joy, the Art of Hearing and the Art of Fantasy. It merges various art fields - theatre, film, music, photography, history, street art, fantasy, and dance - each represented by one local artist from Chełmno.

Every year, hundreds of the town residents - artists, animators, volunteers, representatives of foundations and associations - help to bring the events such as concerts, performances, exhibitions, and installations into churches, basements, and courtyards of the old town (some of them take place outdoors as well). For these three days, Chełmno turns into a town of art, inspiration, encouraging conversations and valuable meetings. However, this unique, creative atmosphere initiated by the Festival, and the cooperation of the residents can be felt here all year round.

Inscribing such artistic events in the architecture of the town brings an opportunity for both its residents and tourists to experience art even in the least obvious spaces and places of Chełmno, to discover places that are otherwise inaccessible on a daily basis, and to look at well-known things from a wholly new perspective. The courtyards of the historic part of the town are transformed into a space for entertainment activities, creating "the Gates of Time". Local monuments are illuminated in an unusual way, while open spaces of Chełmno house concerts and theatrical arrangements. During the Festival, it is also possible to visit objects that are closed on a daily basis, including among others the neo-Gothic Water Tower.

The inhabitants involved in the creation of the festival participate in both planning and implementation of activities; they share their private spaces to organize events and take part in online voting to decide on specific points of the program. 250 people from Chełmno, including 150 volunteers, took part in the implementation of the last edition of the Festival. The first edition of Perspektywy —9 Hills Festival released the energy of the townspeople, thus initiating an endless process of working together to create a new perspective for the town. The annual climax of these common efforts is the Festival itself, taking part at the second weekend of August.

Perspektywy — 9 Hills Festival is an unforgettable adventure that found its place in the calendar of artistic events of the town. We very much hope that it will continue to contribute to strengthening the significance of Chełmno on the cultural map of the country. We hope that you will join the implementation of our common idea as well.

Perspektywy — 9 Hills Festival

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